popoyo dog
Chela with puppies

Things are quiet as usual around the house and property here in Popoyo. Our dog Chela had four puppies on Easter Sunday, three boys and one girl. The puppies are very healthy and have just now opened their eyes. We are giving two of the boys to Isamar’s father, Rolando, and keeping the rest.

I’ve included a photo of some bulls delivering some sand to make cement. This local transport is cheap and trustworthy. Many of our natural materials are delivered this way. Also appearing is a photo of Dutchy, Chela’s daughter, born last November. She has turned out to be a nice companion and great watchdog.

popoyo nicaragua transport
rustic popoyo transport
popoyo dog

The construction of the new house is coming along quickly. We have just finished the second full week of construction. We are beginning the second level of the house, and, with luck, should be finished in two more weeks.

popoyo construction
new rental unit construction

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