Playa Santana Nicaragua provided some fun tubes this morning on the incoming tide. Our guest Jordan from South Carolina just brought a water camera down and I swam out to test it out. Here’s a few water shots from the first try with the water camera.

playa santana nicaragua
our surf guide Boogie pulling in
surf nicaragua
Boogie alone with his thoughts in the green room

This peak was a little consistent. Saw Mario walking up the beach to another peak. He’s a human highlight reel and is always is in the right spot when the good ones come in. Swam over to Mario, and he didn’t disappoint.

mario martinez nicaragua
Mario warming up
nicaragua tubes
Mario pulling in a little drainer
Mario, pitted
Mario got plenty of barrels in no time. This was the last wave of the day for Mario and broke his board in 2 pieces.
Check back soon!

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