With loud reggaeton music thumping from oversized speakers, mobs of nicas came out of the woodwork. Shaking their rumps, catching a buzz on the beach, and heartily cheering on their favorite neighborhood surfers.
The 2009 Nicaraguan Surf Circuit Gran Finale went off without a hitch Saturday and Sunday, July 4th and 5th at Playa Santana. Classic, wedgy Santana peaks made for sizzling action, with amazing waves all day Saturday and Sunday. A rising swell had the larger peaks closing out the spot by the time the finals arrived. This provided for some dramatic tube rides and wipeouts.

Mike from Nicawaves reached the final for the second year, but was unfortunately unable to emerge from a couple healthy tubes in the final. Mike, fourth place, Augusto Chamorro third. All the Santana locals on the beach were ready to celebrate Mario Martinez as victor as he cleanly exited nice tubes on several rights, but Rex Calderon was named as champion, having executed several maneuvers on smaller, cleaner waves.
Congratulations to all the surfers. Many thanks to Pepsi and Sobe for sponsoring the event. Also, we’d like to recognize Tony Longobucco and Baldo for all their hard work throughout the year making the Nicaraguan Surf Circuit possible.

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