We’ve been getting a very large swell for 4 days now. The swell has had a little too much west for some of the breaks to work at their best. The bowl at outer reef popoyo, namely, has been closed out because of the swell direction. There has been a few boogies catching some waves and wipeouts on the inside corner of Outer Reef. We took some video yesterday at Popoyo, and larger sets were easily 10-12 feet and some bigger. A bunch of travelling surfers paddled out, about 15-20. Many were simply pounded to the beach. A few guys paddled out on big boards, in the 7-0 range and picked off some bombs. The swell is decreasing today, but there will still be plenty of overhead nuggets coming in. The beachbreaks should start working again this evening or tomorrow. Another moderate swell is coming in a couple days.

No photos yet of this swell, the lighting has been gray the past few days with a lot of clouds and occasional rain showers. Check out some other photos of Popoyo Nicaragua Stay tuned.

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