Hi folks, Mike here with your surf report. It’s 5-8 foot, head high to 3 foot overhead with fair to good conditions. Sunny, water 83 degrees.

inside peak

outside peak

Miles on a fun right

we had our first nice sunrise in a few days, it has been raining and cloudy each morning lately

plenty of lefts pouring through all morning, this swell has been hitting for almost a week

and Lance was all over it. here he is on a SUP (Stand Up Pit)

empty bowl

deep and late on a left

cracking right

Lance’s tow partner pulling in

Barry on a late morning left after a light onshore came up

We’ll leave you with this shot of man’s best friend and a lonely offshore peak. Check back tomorrow, this swell looks to drop very slowly and conditions are looking good mid to late week… adios amigos

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