It was the last day in Nicaragua for the boys from Boston. We got up before the sun to head out on the boat and check out some spots. Scored fun waves at a few spots from the boat. We got off the boat and checked a few other spots and scored again at a fun beachbreak. But, at the end of the day, it was the spot right by our place that saved the best for last. After surfing hollow left and right peaks til our arms turned into noodles, we shared a great sunset with some cold beers. It was also Mike’s birthday, and the boys provided a nice bottle of imported whiskey. It was a good time of surf comraderie recounting all the great waves and sessions from the past week.

Nate, Nick, Kevin, Sean, and Frank – It was a blast you guys and a pleasure to have you stay with us. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Come back soon and we’ll work on those late drops after a few “late drop colas” 🙂

astillero beachbreakwe covered a lot of spots today, how’s this set-up?

astillero nicaragualocal dropping into a clean one

popoyo nicaraguaafter all our looking around, the wave right by our place was getting the best of it!

popoyo_nicaraguahere’s Manny, slotted. the next morning he was pulling in at huge outer reef

it was a gorgeous sunset hour on the beachit was a gorgeous sunset hour on the beach

popoyo beachthis is how to live

nicawaves rentalsYeah boys! it’s been a great week

nicaragua rainy seasonour guest Nick captured this cool lightning strike

IMG_8901some of the crew in a surfed out daze, Kevin, Ryan, Sean, and Frank

tona cerveza nicaraguaTona time

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