Popoyo Nicaragua showing a nice swell and perfect conditions today. We arrived in the morning to peeling walls at low tide. The offshores had finally let up a bit and the lineup was relatively uncrowded. A crew of travellers were getting barreled at outer reef at dead low tide! Popoyo locals Elvis and Samir soon joined them outside as the tide turned. I hiked down into a valley to get a new view of the outer reef. It was a beautiful morning. We’re eating lunch now and we’re going to another nearby spot with high hopes!

outer reef popoyo
a beautiful nugget at outer reef
surfing in popoyo
unmolested popoyo right
popoyo left
no takers on this inside popoyo left
outer reef
Elvis manning up at outer reef
slab at popoyo
popoyo slab
surf nicaragua
doing the reef dance to outers
popoyo backside
backsider on a nugget
nicaragua vehicle
a little exploring for a new vantage point today

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