Popoyo Nicaragua giving up the goods all day long today. Plenty of overhead glassy walls and tubes coming through groomed by a light offshore wind. Crowds were very light as most local businesses have closed and most people have left town. We’ll be receiving plenty of swell the next couple weeks (see the Surfline long range forecast below). September has been an excellent month for surf, and hopefully the winds and weather will continue cooperating. Check out some of today’s action.

popoyo nicaragua
we arrived on the scene and were greeted by pristine conditions
popoyo locals
our good buddy Cesar soon ran up the beach stoked to hit the perfect, uncrowded surf
he wasted no time pulling into some gems
surfing nicaragua
our guest Victor from Pacifica, CA was out enjoying the clean surf
brian van dalen
our buddy Brian is back and town and paddled out for a bit. Welcome back Brian!
costa rica surfer
our guest Alex from Costa Rica picking off a nice one. Pura Vida Mae!
popoyo locals
one of the stronger Popoyo locals, Cesar always surfs hard and pushes the limits
Mike, your host/owner at NicaWaves paddled out mid-day to catch a few. photo: BVD
mike dennison nicawaves nicaragua
Mike slashing a frothy face. photo: BVD
popoyo nicaragua surf forecast
We’ll be getting solid swell the next 2 weeks thanks to a recent series of strong storms tracking across the South Pacific. Hopefully the winds/weather will continue favorable. We’ll be remaining open the entire month of October and still have some availability, so send us an email if you’re thinking about coming down!

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