Popoyo Outside Reef was doing it’s thing for a few hours this morning. Winds were light and variable. We’ll have to give it 5 out of 5 chile peppers because some guys were getting some huge barrels.

popoyo outer reef
"Cabeza" going hard
outer reef popoyo nicaragua
glassy and slabby
outer reef
brazilian pro with a lookback
surf nicaragua
J.J. did a step off into his first wave, several guys took this wave on the head
surfing in popoyo nicaragua
Manuel "El Toro"
outer reef
NicaWaves is directly behind the large sand dune at Outer Reef. Our dog, Little Buddy, showed up out of nowhere running up the hill to enjoy the show!
outer reef wipeout
brazilian pro taking a bomb drop
outer reef right
same guy going for a right
popoyo pointbreak
Manuel, the Bull
outer reef set
scratching to pass a set
popoyo outer reef
Little Buddy checkin' out the scene
popoy outer reef line up
the line up
popoyo nicaragua
Lance taking the drop
popoyo nicaragua outer reef
lineup shot

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