Popoyo Nicaragua showed a building overhead swell today during the morning high tide. Conditions improved later as the tide got lower – beautiful and sunny with light offshores. We had our guests Dan, Morgan, Nick, and Jimmy out getting one last session before heading to the airport. Also an inspiration to see JJ out surfing Popoyo on his birthday today, killing it. He has a unique style – aggression and flair that has always reminded me of a mix of Andy Irons and Cory Lopez.

Our surf guide Gerald was on the beach to capture the action. Check it out!




there were some occasional well overhead bombs coming through

jj yemma popoyo

JJ rounding the corner on a feathery nugget

popoyo mike

pristine conditions..


Morgan on a nugget

JJ Yemma

JJ with a sick hit

popoyo mike

Mike hacking it up

nicaragua surfing

waves so rippable today..

nicaragua surf vacation

Morgan on a bowly left

layback hack

JJ with a stylish layback hack

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