Popoyo had fun glassy surf with sets up to shoulder high. This is a typical size for January. This month also has typically strong offshore winds. Today the wind was nice and light providing glassy conditions. This has also allowed the water to warm back up after it had cooled down due to offshore upwilling caused by strong January offshore winds. We have lots of Popoyo locals practing for the local contest tomorrow at Popoyo. Our surf guide and photographer Gerald was on hand to take photos. Check out Gerald’s Popoyo surf photos!

popoyo surf photos

Popoyo local Daiton bottom turning on a nice glassy wall

popoyo surf photos

Daiton off the top

popoyo nicaragua

Popoyo sneaker set

nicaragua surf

snapping hard

surfing nicaragua popoyo

Here’s Juan practicing up for the contest at Popoyo tomorrow with a sick slob air.

Airs are difficult on strong offshore days, so Juan is taking advantage of today’s glassy conditions.

Come on down to Finca Popoyo on Wednesday, January 25th to check out the top Popoyo locals battle it out at the surfing contest.

Check back tomorrow!

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