Boat Trips and Fishing Trips

Head out on our highly customized surfing and fishing panga. The Nicarao is the most comfortable panga-style boat in Popoyo. Our surf package includes 3 boat trips. If you are not on package, we can still offer you boat trips based upon availability. We can access many less crowded surf spots, quickly moving from one spot to another with our 140 horsepower Suzuki motor. We can bring our high-end fishing gear along for fishing after surfing or in-between spots. Your most memorable days with Nicawaves will likely be on our panga slamming fish or scoring an empty spot with only you and your crew!

popoyo boat trip

surfing charters
North surf spots $180
South surf spots $225

FISHIng charters
half day inshore $300
half day offshore $400
full day offshore $800

combo trips
north surf spots surf and fish $300
south surf spots surf and fish $400

Check out photos of the awesome waves and great times we have had aboard our panga, The Nicarao!