Popoyo Nicaragua

Popoyo is Nicaragua’s most consistent wave. It is a 5-10 minute walk from Nicawaves. Popoyo main break is an A-frame with rippable left and right walls breaking over a rock shelf. Popoyo breaks from 2 feet to 20 feet and all tides. The fact that Popoyo breaks on all tides and all sizes is one of the reasons why it is Nicaragua’s best and most consistent break. Additionally, the Popoyo Nicaragua surf zone receives over 300 days a year of offshore winds. As a result, Popoyo is an easy choice for surfing in Nicaragua.

popoyo nicaragua

outer reef popoyo

Outer Reef Popoyo is only a 5 minute paddle from Popoyo Main Break. It is a Pipeline-style offshore slab suitable for experts only. Outer Reef puts on an exciting show for the surfers at the main break and on the beach.

outer reef popoyo


The number of surf spots on Popoyo Beach is most noteworthy. A professional surfer, an intermediate, and a complete beginner can have their best surfing day ever all within the same half mile stretch of beach. First of all, you have the peeling pointbreak style Stoneys (also known as Rubber Duckies, Cobra, La Lejana, or inside outer reef) between the main break and outer reef. Also you have the hollow slabby right of La Piedrita on the north end of the beach. Finally you have Beginner Bay. It is a rolling slopey wave fun for beginners and intermediates on the south end of the beach. Main break Popoyo is always working, but these other peaks come alive on a certain tide, size, and swell direction.

stoneys popoyo
la piedrita popoyo
beginner bay