The waves at Popoyo from the 5th to 8th were very fun. The crowd was light. Waves averaged about chest to head high with occasional overhead sets, but honestly, the swell wasn’t that strong. There were a few little barrels, but there weren’t many steep, hittable sections, most waves were more of a carve or cutback type. The water was also slightly chilly, around 68 degrees. A lot of guys were wearing tops or springs, but the water felt great to me, especially in the hot, dry sun. The offshores were around 10-15 knots during this time.

popoyo nicaragua
caught inside
walking to Popoyo, Easter Sunday
nice beach day

Then, around the 8th or 9th, an overhead swell hit and lasted until Monday, the 13th. Everyday was like groundhog day. It was so fun. Lefts, rights, nice big tubes, multiple sections, offshore wind around 10-15 knots with gusts up to 20. It was ultra-combo heaven. The water warmed up a few degrees, too. Easter Sunday in particular, was probably the best day. Great shape, big tubes, and not too crowded. The crowds were variable other days, one great session I had with only 3 new friends from New York who were renting our boards. It was like this for over an hour, and we were just talking about how great it was when 5 rippers paddled out, snagging all kinds of choice peaks. It was like this all week, sometimes very uncrowded, and sometimes 15-20 people in the water. The waves were always so consistent, however, that you could always catch waves, especially if you could get in a rhythm with the sets and avoid getting caught inside.

popoyo rivermouth rights
mike photo: Donald Stone

I’m in Rivas now, Tuesday the 14th. Caught fun waves yesterday morning with only a few people out before heading to Rivas. Sets were overhead and the wind was light offshore. I had high hopes of doing a daily surf report at Popoyo, as I’m only a 10 minute walk or 5 minute bike ride from the paddle out spot. There is a new internet cafe at a small store in Las Salinas now, only about a mile away. Unfortunately, last week I went to upload some photos and quickly realized that it would take an hour of uploading to do a decent report. I’m still trying to come up with some ideas to update regularly. Stay tuned, and enjoy the photos!

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