Playa Colorado was dishing up some draining barrels on the incoming tide this morning.  Some great barrel rides were going down. This beach has just been chosen to host the International Surfing Association’s World Masters Surfing Championship from July 14-24, 2012. It will be great to see the world’s top over 35 surfers get tubed at this beach. Click ISA Nicaragua World Surfing Championships, Playa Colorado for more info. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching last year’s gold medalist Tom Curren thread a few of the classic hollow right barrels Playa Colorado is known for.

playa colorado
how's this barrel? young local Carlos in the place to be


hacienda iguana nicaragua
JJ standing tall in a big left barrel


surf playa colorado nicaragua
Carlos, slotted again


playa iguana
jj was pigdogging some nice rights as well


NSR carl
the other Carl, Carl S. in a nice right


playa amarillo nicaragua
beautiful lefts coming in down the beach...

stay tuned amigos….

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