Playa Colorado Nicaragua proving fun surf today. We geared up and got on it in morning. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a rain shower and hollow surf racing over a shallow sandbar. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, the sun popped out and the tide began filling in over the sandbar. Everyone was soon pumping through hollow tubes. We’ll give it 4 out of 5 chile peppers today (see below).

colorado nicaragua
this local grom was snagging all the best tube rides

colorado rivermouth
fun surf and green vistas, thanks to all the late April showers

colorado rivermouth
dropping into a fun little left slab
Costa Rica Nicaragua
empty left. That's Costa Rica in the background.

After Colorado, we headed to Playa Santana and the waves were actually a little better than Colorado. Check it out.

playa santana nicaragua
mario casually streaking through the barrel
rancho santana nicaragua
Eric from Ventura, California

Stay tuned. It looks like there is a possibility the winds may go light and variable, but there is another good swell coming mid-late week. :)

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