Playa Santana showed building swell this morning. The winds were completely slack, resulting in dead glass at first light this morning. Very uncrowded at first light. A long period swell started to show last night, and the period this morning was up around 18 seconds, resulting in slightly stretched and walled conditions at this beachbreak. There were a few corners to be had first thing here, and it may have improved as the water filled in and offshores picked up, but Popoyo is the better call when the swell is this long period. Check back tomorrow!

rancho santana
nice peak sequence 1
playa santana
nice peak sequence 2
surf nicaragua
left wedge
Nicaragua dog
our guest Dana from South Carolina walked down with our mascot, Little Buddy
nicaragua beachbreak
Dana, up and riding on his first wave of the morning
dogs in Popoyo
our friendly and playful mascot, Little Buddy

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