Playa Santana offered up clean wedgey barrels today. Morning clouds provided poor lighting for photos. An early high tide, a building swell and light offshores combined for great conditions. We’ve been surfing Popoyo for the past couple days, but there was a lot more energy coming through today. October has been great so far. If the wave and weather forecasts turn out to be true, it looks like our luck will continue. 🙂

rancho santana
Mario driving through another barrel
playa santana
peeling wedges
mario martinez
Mario T-ing off on a wedge
october surf nicaragua
peaks wedging hard
popoyo ding repair
and snapping boards
mike dennison
playa santana
it was wedging sideways 1
first peak santana
surf nicaragua
nicaragua surfing
popoyo mike
mike dennison
october surf in Nicaragua
here's hoping the October run of surf continues, check back manana!

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