Popoyo Nicaragua Outer Reef was doing it’s thing this morning. We’ve had a couple “small” outer reef days earlier this year during our stellar off-season, but this was the first Outer Reef swell of the 2011 surf season. It was pretty hard offshore out there. Pushing over the ledge of an outer reef bomb blinded by offshore spray is challenging to say the least,  but 3 chargers were on it – Manuel, Cabezon, and Lance.

Here's Manny, Outer Reef Kingpin, he's on it when it's working
seductive beauty, devastating power
Manny spelunking through another Outer Reef cavern.
mutant beast roping along the reef
Manny sequence 1. this is a half second after he stomped an impressive 5 foot mid-face freefall
sequence 2. setting his line
sequence 3. driving through the tube
sequence 4. getting this deep doesn't come cheap
sequence 5. sick barrel Manny!
mutant slab sequence 1
mutant slab sequence 2
mutant slab sequence 3. it's below sea-level where that lip is landing, no-man's land
Manny getting spit out of another drainer
some tamer waves coming through the inside
stalling up
Mike Moreman was picking off some fun rights

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