Popoyo Nicaragua Surfing Video Feburary 1 2020

February 1 begins nicely with an uncrowded dawn patrol morning session with overhead surf at Popoyo. Mike takes advantage to catch a few fun ones. Mike is the owner and operator of Nicawaves. He found the Nicawaves property in 2005 and has slowly but surely built it into what it is today, learning many valuable lessons and experiences on the way. Mike is the one who will replying to your emails and messages and shoots the photos and videos you see on our website and social media. Nicawaves maintenance man Luis filmed this session and has become an excellent filmer over the past 2 season. Mike is riding a 5’10” Channel Islands Rocket Wide in this session with a 2+1 fin setup. Luis filmed this footage in 4k on a GH5 and a Leica 100-400mm lens. Recording your surf session on video and analyzing your technique afterwards is a great way to improve your surfing. This is one of the many services Nicawaves offers. Reach out to us if you are interested in recording your sessions and creating an edit of your trip!


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