Popoyo was graced by an nicely angled overhead south swell groomed by moderate offshore winds today. Outer Reef had a couple sets at the early morning high tide, but the largest sets were inconsistent and the offshores were gusting through Sardinas valley and tattering the peak. The peak at Popoyo was throwing the occasional barrel and rippable walls. The north end of the beach was throwing slabs as well. Overall a gorgeous day with an excellent variety of waves at Popoyo.

popoyo nicaragua

beautiful slabby waves coming though at north end of beach

surf nicaragua

the south angled swell was creating long lefts

playa popoyo

and occasional barrel sections

nicaragua surfing

overhead drops

broken surfboard nicaragua

walking home after snapping the board

popoyo outer reef

outer reef sequence 1

outer reef popoyo

outer reef sequence 2

popoyo outer reef

outer reef sequence 3

popoyo glassy left

just a gorgeous day down here with perfect waves today folks

nicaragua perfection

Another perfect one from today. The past 2 days have been perfection.

We are expecting a better swell right after the 4th of July. Contact us so we can put you on it!