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Good afternoon surfers, the waves continue to increase today with good conditions prevailing. There was a lot of action in the water today with all the regulars ripping the fun peaks. 

popoyo nicaragua

Samir on a beautiful left

surf nicaragua

Put it in that oven primo

popoyo beach

How’s that fresh single fin? Looks fun

popoyo outer reef

Outer Reef had a couple sets almost working with this southerly angled swell. Four guys did paddle all the way out the back to have a look, but no waves were ridden on the peak.

popoyo local

Dayton was the standout surfer of the morning. He was catching everything and ripping with a smooth style.

surfing in nicaragua

Dayton off the bottom

playa popoyo nicaragua

Dayton off the top

popoyo nicaragua

Are you tired of offshore lefts and bougainvillea yet? 

bodyboarding nicaragua

Mostly rippable with a couple hollow sections

nicaragua surfer

Jonny came over from Guasacate to catch some waves 

nicaragua surf

Ernaldo was out as well catching some fun ones

nicaragua surfing

Our friend Roll was out having a ball


guasacate surf nicaragua

Here’s Nando rolling into a beauty

surf nicaragua

Nando slicing off the top

santana local

Elyin made his way over from Santana as well. Good to see you amigo.

popoyo nicaragua

Cesar flying into the weekend. Check back soon 🤙