Good evening surfers, today we have a fresh swell filling in. We have been tracking this swell since about 10 days ago. It’s arriving right on time as forecasted. Offshore winds are super strong since last night and should remain healthy all weekend. Fortunately, the coastal hills of Popoyo do a great job of diminishing these winds at the peak when the direction is straight offshore. Check out today’s photos.

popoyo surfing

When I showed up, Wil was out ripping one wave after another. Here is Wil floating…

surf nicaragua

And here is Wil bashing..

nicaragua surfing

Dayton makes his way out and picks off some gems

mike popoyo

Mike on a glassy one

Often times the offshores in our zone will blow ENE with a heavy Easterly element. Even though the wind is extremely strong today, it was a more NE direction. The hills provide more shelter from this direction, and that wind direction blows slightly into the left. That wind direction along with the westerly angle of swell was creating a hollow section on a certain spot on the reef.


Popoyo is a wave with many different faces. Here’s another example of that wind blowing into the SW swell creating a thick little bowl section.

surfing in nicaragua

The tide dropped quickly and the surf started to pulse. This surfer is checking his fins after coming  straight in rather than toward the channel.

popoyo local

Dayton with a sweet little roof tickle.

surfing popoyo nicaragua

There were some beautiful waves coming through as the tide continued to drop.

surf nicaragua

Emptly left reeling across the reef, while Rafael decides whether to turn and burn. You can see the choppy seas offshore while the waves closer to the beach are protected and groomed by lighter offshores.


The surf forecast calls for tasty waves this week. Drop us a line if you’re interested in a last minute trip or if you are already in Central America 🤙