Popoyo Nicaragua pulling in a big swell today. Waves up to 10 feet on the face being ridden, and a lot of unridden barrels coming through. Sheet glass  conditions until around 8:30-9pm when a very light bump came up. 3-4 guys out for the first couple hours; we all caught some fun sets. Around 8am, there were about 10 surfers out.

popoyo nicaragua
some bombs coming through
outer reef nicaragua
few guys were looking at outers this morning
outer reef popoyo
but there were no takers
popoyo rights
rights were working
big popoyo
unridden bomb left
popoyo tube
some barrels coming through
playa guasacate
the view north toward guasacate
san juan del sur to popoyo
boat from San Juan del Sur motored up
popoyo locals
our buddy peliguay - nice guy and notorious culebra

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