Photos courtesy special guest photographer Donald Stone. We’ve got some Carolina boys staying with us and Donald came by Popoyo to share some waves and photos with us. Waves were small but fun. If you know Donald, you know he’s a ripping surfer and lensman who always gets the shot. He’s been documenting the surfers, waves, and lifestyle of our area for years. Point your browser over to Zoom Nicaragua and enjoy visions of a wave-filled tropical paradise through a true connoisseur’s eyes.

David “Boogie” Ward coming in for a break between sessions
Carolina boy Mark Warren electing to go right on a nice, clean peak
Carla enjoying a break from the chilly North Carolina winter
Boogie down the line on a nice left, fun first session of an extended trip
hollow low tide rivermouth right
small but fun sections at low tide

Many thanks again to Donald for sharing his photos!

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