Popoyo Nicaragua offered several peaks this morning. Outer Reef Popoyo, Inside Corner of Outer Reef, Popoyo Proper, and the rivermouth peak all had surfers catching waves. The inside corner of the outer reef actually had the best shape with some throaty barrels coming in. There was a strange rip running right through the inside peak of Popoyo. It’s been pretty messy lately with a lot of bad winds and mixed up swell due to a lot of tropical activity nearby. Fairly glassy for a few hours this morning. We’ll have to give it 4 out of 5 chile peppers. Hoping the offshores return tomorrow and the crew will be on some fun waves.

popoyo outer reef
bodyboarder taking the outer reef drop
outer reef popoyo
outer reef corner, sequence 1
popoyo nicaragua
sequence 2
popoyo local Cristobal with another stylish backhand turn

Always nice to see the fluid style of longtime popoyo local Cristobal. Yeah Cristobal!

surf nicaragua
undisputed biggest wave snaker in Popoyo, peliguay, turning for an inside corner

If you come to Popoyo, keep an eye out for this Peliguay. He will drop in!

nicaragua surf
having a look at the inside corner of outer reef
outer reef nicaragua
he was getting a lot of waves
outer reef slab
this one slabbed up on him

The bodyboarder was catching a lot of waves at outer reef and successfully made it through a couple barrels. There were two other surfers out first thing this morning, and also two other surfers out while I was shooting. One Brazilian fellow paddled out only to be sent back to the beach with a board broken clean in half.

Stay tuned for more surf reports. June has been an inconsistent month with a lot of onshore and rainy days. Hopefully July has something sweet in store for us!

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