Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report. The swell has dropped off quickly. Outer Reef bombs yesterday to playful head high peaks today and a hungry crowd was all over it.

rivermouth rights were working
fun, clean lefts
so fun!
smaller ones are fun too

Surfed for a couple hours and went in. The lineup starting clearing out as the tide went out to negative low. While watching the waves with Brad from Florida and Aaron from North Carolina in the high noon sun, we saw two sets of hollow lefts pour through with not a soul on it, better than anything we had seen that morning.

waves actually picked up a bit and pulsed through as the tide dropped out

We decided that it would be a crime not to paddle out again, as Popoyo usually has a large crowd on it. We got lucky, surfing with just the 3 of us for about an hour and a half more until arms were spaghetti. We went in, the lineup and beach still deserted. It was Brad’s last session of his trip, and he left stoked, saying he had caught the best waves of his life.

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