Good afternoon surfers, Mike here with your Thursday Popoyo surf photos. Fresh swell building this morning on incoming tide. The nice southerly angle was providing plenty of waves at Lejana (inside corner of outer reef) and the main peak of Popoyo.

popoyo outer reef

Beautiful offshore lefts were reeling down the point. Here’s Yan scrambling to get into position for this left.

popoyo nicaragua surf

Juan was out catching everything in site. Here he is coming around the corner on this beauty.

popoyo nicaragua surf photo

Juan said he was getting hot so he found some shade in the lineup.

Jamil popoyo surfer

Jamil always finds some of the best waves and smashes them. Did I get the tag right this time buddy?

outer reef popoyo nicaragua

Yan finding a beautiful glassy left out at Lejana

popoyo local surfer

Juan was catching everything in site. Here he is slashing a layback.

nicaragua local surfer

… and boosting on the inside oncoming right section. Is he beginning to look like a ripping action figure?

nicaragua surfing

Beautiful lefts coming through. As the offshores picked up, the coast hills of Popoyo continued protecting the surf, providing glassy conditions even through moderate to gusty offshores today.

right pointbreak nicaragua

There were plenty of nice rights coming through as well. Juan made sure to smash a few of those as well for good measure. 

popoyo local surfer

Luis was out and surfing really well today. Smashing rights and going vert on the lefts on his backhand. 

nicaragua surf trip

Luis, you are out of control buddy, that is way past 12 o’clock. I think it’s time for you to go in and get lunch now  🙂

surf nicaragua

Gerald took a break from shooting to get his piece of the pie.

Some video footage from this morning. Contact us if you would like photo or video services of your surf sessions in our area. 

outer reef

Plenty of surf coming in toward mid-day and holding nice shape with the offshores. January is typically our smallest month for surf of the year, but it has been very fun. Check back soon. We will be seeing our largest surf of the year so far this weekend.