Playa Santana Surfing Video January 28 2020

Fun session at Playa Santana at sunset. Santana is always a great spot to shoot video as the action is usually non-stop with a lot of ripping, with high performance left and right peaks breaking consistently up and down the beach with occasional tubes. The sandbar at Santana had disappeared in December and all that was left was a shorebreak right on the beach. It’s nice to see the sandbar has filled in a bit; it still needs to improve. This offseason continues to provide fun surf with moderate winds. Mike shot this footage in 4k on a GH5 and a Panasonic 35-100mm lens in a Salty Surf Housing and set it to a live recording by Khruangbin. Recording your surf session on video and analyzing your technique afterwards is a great way to improve your surfing. This is one of the many services Nicawaves offers. Reach out to us if you are interested in recording your sessions and creating an edit of your trip!


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