Popoyo Nicaragua surf report. We stumbled upon a rare sandbar that is usually unsurfed on the way to another spot. The sand has shifted a lot lately and this peak was providing uncrowded throbbing tubes all morning. The few who found it were stoked. The best waves and biggest tubes were going unridden, but everyone was making plenty of tubes.  This was one of the top days I’ve seen at this rare peak…

rancho santana
beautiful, big barrels this morning
playa santana nicaragua
the sets were "heaving"
santana rivermouth
best waves going unridden
surf nicaragua
sequence 1
surfing in nicaragua
sequence 2
surfing in popoyo
our guest Myles driving through a tube
surfing in popoyo nicaragua
myles, same wave
surfing nicaragua
Myles - steezy speed snap. Safe travels to you and Brett back to Santa Cruz. Hope to surf with you down here again soon!
nicaragua surf
it was draining off the bar
nicaragua beachbreak
a chocolatey one
central america barrel
so good, yeah?

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