Hello! This is Betsy from San Luis Obispo, CA. I hope you can deliver some messages for me to my new friends in Popoyo. I just came home from an unforgettable experience in Popoyo, thanks to you! I spent 11 days at your house there with my boyfriend, Cale and our friend, Wes. We got to know Isamar and Rolando very well and we would love to stay in touch with them! I am also putting together a box of goodies I think Isamar would like, after talking with her and learning some of her wishes because I would really like to send her a gift! I thought maybe it would be easier to send it to you in South Carolina for when she is there in the winter. Anyway, we all hung out everyday and night and had lots of fun! I hope you can tell her and Rolando “hello” from us and “thank you”! Also, can you please tell Jose Luis, your taxi driver, Hello from us and a big Thank You!!!! very much for the music cd’s he gave us! We love the music and have been able to make copies as gifts for our friends. We really appreciate Jose Luis, he is a great person! If you could, let me know a good address to send a package to, I would really appreciate it!
Thank you!
Betsy Ball

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