Hey Mike,

There is no way to describe how great of a time we all had at your home. The waves were sick, the weather was perfect, and your family treated us like kings.
As for Rolando,Nana, Isamar and the whole family, they took care of us as if we were part of the family. Nana’s cooking was incredible. I don’t think there was a moment all week that any one of us went hungry. We all agree that Rolando is one of the greatest people we have met in our entire lives. He is like a brother to us. He helped us with everything all week and showed us a side of the country we would not have been able to experience on our own. We all definitely want to get back there to visit them again soon.
I’ll send a few pics this week of our trip. Thanks again for everything. You really have something great down there.
Andrew Gordon

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