How do I get to Nicaragua?

Nicawaves has been successfully hosting guests since airline travel returned to Nicaragua in August 2020. New travel protocols are in place requiring a little extra effort to get here. The USA’s CDC (Center of Disease Control) is currently requiring a covid test to return to the USA. Nicawaves helps our guests with exit testing in Managua. If you fly home via Costa Rica, there is a one-hour turn around test in the airport for $65. As of May 2, here are the 3 ways you can get to Nicaragua.

  1. Fly avianca airlines

Avianca Airlines is the only commercial airline currently flying to Nicaragua. Don’t make the mistake of buying a ticket on another airline only to have your flight cancelled a week before your flight. No other airlines are currently flying to Nicaragua.  Avianca flies to Nicaragua via Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

Benefits: straightforward travel directions, reliablity

Cons: guests report variable prices for tickets bought close to travel dates (if you see a deal, lock it in)

If you travel to Nicaragua: (from Avianca’s Website)
  • All passengers must provide the negative result of a “real-time PCR” test (swab) for COVID-19 , carried out in a period no longer than 72 hours before entering the country .
  • Once you have your result and  within a period of no less than 36 hours before your flight  (1 day and a half before),  you must send us the result of your test in pdf format to the email  [email protected] .
  • To complete the process, within a period of no less than 36 hours before your flight, you must enter the following form and fill in the requested personal information .
  • By order of the authorities, this information will be sent by the airline to the Aeronautical Authority and MINSA who will notify us of the approval for your entry into the country.
  • On the day of your trip, you must present the original document of the results of your PCR test to the airline.

UPDATE: Copa Airlines is now the only other airline besides Nicaragua  to fly to Nicaragua with limited flights from Wednesday to Saturday.

  2. Fly any airline to liberia, costa rica and cross the border

Benefits: more airline options, lower airfare, $65 one-hour testing at Liberia airport to return to USA

Cons: slightly more travel time due to border crossing, higher ground transportation cost ($260 round trip for a sedan, $340 for a van), $50 mandatory insurance to travel through Costa Rica

If you prefer more airline options, this is the method for you. Liberia, Costa Rica is only one hour from the Nicaragua border. The border to Nicawaves is another hour and a half. All airlines are flying to Liberia, Costa Rica without restriction. This method opens up many flight possibilities for you, making it possible to fly from your nearest airport. Guests report better prices as well. We work with a transportation service that takes charge of your border crossing and transport all the way from Liberia to Nicawaves. We will discount your surf package for $100 total (not per person) as you will be responsible to pay the transportation service directly. You must also purchase mandatory travel insurance to travel through Costa Rica.

  3. Fly the charter from miami via eastern airlines

Benefits: direct personal support for testing and questions via charter travel agent, more flexible testing cutoffs (they are not strict with sending your entry testing 36 hours before your arrival flight),  one free checked bag up to 70 pounds, free carry-on, discounted boardbag fees

Cons: $789 round trip price, limited dates  (flight leaves and returns to Miami every Friday)

A couple dozen of our guests have reported a seamless experience on the charter, which is a 150 passenger Airbus 320, the same airplane as the Avianca flights. This charter must be booked with Schuvar Tours, based in Nicaragua. Let us know and we will introduce you to the Schuvar travel agent, who will receive your payment and will receive your entry testing. Your agent will be available for any questions or concerns before and during your travel. This personalized stress-free experience makes this travel method a very attractive option.

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covid-19 in nicaragua

Fortunately, lack of international travel and the Nicaragua people’s preventative measures have resulted in very few cases of COVID-19 in Nicaragua, the lowest in all of Central America. If you have stayed with us before, you know that we have an isolated location and hot climate. There have been no confirmed cases in our area. The only restriction in Nicaragua is presenting a PCR-RT test completed within 72 hours within your arrival.

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